Due to server issues caused by heavy traffic in the hours leading up to the original deadline, some applicants were unable to submit their entries. To ensure fairness and provide an equal opportunity to all interested companies, we have decided to extend the application period. We look forward to receiving your applications.

We will hold "SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024" in May 2024.
Its event concept is to be Asia's largest startup event that will open up the future and create exciting innovations.

Applications to exhibit at this event will open on Friday, October.27
If you are interested in this booth exhibits, please apply through below form.

<Exhibition Advantages>
  • ・Chances to collaborate and partner with other startups and companies.
  • ・Chances to get information on urban issues faced by cities around the world and advanced case studies on how to solve these issues.
  • ・Chances to participate in business meetings attended by decision makers from Japanese companies.
  • ・Interaction with investors, media, etc., in addition to cities and companies from around the world.
  • ・Networking chances among cities and companies around the world engaged in startup support.
    (Contributing to the formation of a global startup ecosystem for the realization of a sustainable society)
Last year's results
Last year, 328 startups from 41 countries and regions exhibited, and 26,743 participants from 293 cities in 67 countries attended the event.
The number of business meetings leading to collaborations averaged 10 cases per exhibiting startup.

Information about last year's event
・Overview of last year's events
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Official Website
・Archive of last year's events
Event Scale
The SusHi Tech Tokyo Global Startup Program Administrative Office aims to have 400 startups as booths exhibitor and 40,000 attendees from all over the world. In addition, we will invite other cities and incubators to participate as pavilion booths exhibitor and create greater diversity of collaboration than last year.
Booth Composition
The booths are divided into 3 sections, pavilion booths, city booths, and specific themed booths. This application is for specific themed booths.

  • ・Focus Themes : Infrastructure,Environment,Living,Culture,Impact
  • ・Example fields related to focus themes :
    Infrastructure,Mobility,Environment,Energy,Food tech,Tech,,Medical care,Health care,Fin Tech,Culture,Entartainment,Education,Financial Inclusion,etc.
Wednesday, May 15, 2024
Thursday, May 16, 2024
TOKYO BIG SIGHT -Tokyo International Exhibition Center-3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0063
*This will be a hybrid in-person and online event, but booths will only be available at the venue
English *Posting and communication are expected to be in English.
  • ・Must have a product or service.
  • ・In principle, the shareholding by a large company or large group must be less than 50%.
  • ・Engaged in a business that has a significant social or economic impact.
  • ・The following five areas must apply
    ex.Energy,Food Tech,Climate Tech,Green Tech,etc.
    ex.Medical care,Health care,Fin Tech,Fem Tech,etc.
    ex.Culture,Entertainment,Sports Tech,etc.
    ex.Environment・Energy,Medical care,Welfare,Food,Agriculture,Education,Financial Inclusion,etc.
    *The impact booth targets companies whose main objective is to solve social issues.
  • ・Must wish to pursue opportunities for collaboration and investment with the aim of global expansion.
  • ・Must be able to exhibit on site for the entire two-day event.
Application Period
Sunday, January 14, 2024 by 4:59 p.m.(JST)
Screening Process
The review will focus on the following aspects

1.Social impacts
2.Economic Impacts
3.Potential for global expansion
4.Positive attitude toward collaboration
Flow after applying
Only startups that pass the screening process will be contacted in early February 2024.
※About Cancellation : If you confirm and agree to the cancellation policy after your booth is confirmed, cancellations are basically not allowed.
Exhibit fees, etc.
Exhibit Fee : 200,000 yen(Includes the use of location and basic frame fee)
※Additional decorations and exhibits are limited and transportation costs are at your own expense.
※Exhibit fees will be free for companies that pass the first screening of "SusHi Tech Challenge 2024".

Booth exhibition period : 2 days
※In principle, please ensure that there is at least one person available at the booth throughout the exhibition period to provide assistance and support as needed.

Booth Specifications :
・1 table for display (Φ600、Load capacity : 20kg)
・Velcro tapes for panel display (4pieces)
・One 500W outlet (2-pin plug)
・Company name plate panel (W1980mm×H350mm)
Exhibition Booth Layout
Currently in Preparation
Travel and Accommodation Expenses to Japan (Venue: TOKYO BIG SIGHT -Tokyo International Exhibition Center-)
The participants are expected to pay their own travel and accommodation expenses.
Event content other than the Booth Exhibition
  • ・Keynote speeches by prominent figures
  • ・Talk sessions with city leaders, start-ups, large corporations, investors, experts, etc.
  • ・Contest-style pitch event
  • ・Business matching among startups, large companies, and participating cities
Image of the booth

*This is just an image for reference.

Intellectual Propertyc・Copyright
  • ・The intellectual property and copyright related to the application will remain the property of the applicant. However, the content of the application, along with the applicant's name and affiliation, may be publicly disclosed on the website or other platforms at the discretion of the Administrative Office on the web page, etc.
  • ・It is the responsibility of the applicant to review the rights and other protective procedures prior to submitting the application.(The organizer and Administrative Office will not be held responsible for any rights-related problems.)
  • ・In the event of suspected infringement of the intellectual property rights of others or the discovery of such infringement, we reserve the right to cancel your participation in the exhibition.
Portrait Rights
  • ・All photographs, videos, and records taken during the event belong to the organizer. The information may be published on Internet sites, newspapers, magazines, television, etc. Participants are considered to have agreed to photography and public display as a condition of participating in this event.
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