What is “ITAMAE”?

I-nnovative T-echnology A-cademic MAE-stro

SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 Global Startup Program is driven by the young future leaders (students),
who organize and manage many of the contents
including sessions, pavilions, side events, etc.

The title “ITAMAE” (= Sushi chef in Japanese) is named after
Sushi to be a key creator of SusHi Tech Tokyo.
Introduction of the ITAMAE members and their activities can be found below
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ITAMAE Student Volunteer
Recruiting student volunteers to support the event management of the 2-day program

Student Pavilion

Session:Building Interest
We provide opportunities to listen to experts and entrepreneurs from various fields, offering a comprehensive overview of the startup ecosystem.
Workshop: Personalizing Entrepreneurship
We offer opportunities to self-understanding and to explore business ideas utilizing technology.
Student Pitch Contest: Getting Inspiration
We provide opportunities to be inspired by students who aspire to entrepreneurship.
Booth: Embodying Next Action
We facilitate connections with student organizations and university organizations to help students consider their next actions.

Student Partner

Student organizations supporting ITAMAE’s PR activities