What is Student Pavilion?

At the SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 Global Startup Program, we are establishing the “Student Pavilion,” organized by students. Student Pavilion is placed with the concept of '"Providing contents targeted students to consider 'entrepreneurship' as their career option." This place will also provide opportunity for students to connect with passionate students active both domestically and internationally. Student Pavilion has 4 contents to drive the growth of students who are unsure of what to do step by step.
5/15(Wed)9:30-18:30 / 5/16(Thu) 9:00-18:30
SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 Global Startup Program at Tokyo Big Sight

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Student Pavilion is envisioned as a "School of the Future,"
providing a point of contact between students and the startup ecosystem.

Student Pavilion Timetable

  • 5.15 (Wed)

  • 5.16 (Thu)

  • Contents
    12:00-12:45 Session
    Begin Your Path to Entrepreneurship Here!! ~ Exploring the Gateway to a Career in Startups~
    13:00-14:00 Workshop
    ITAMAE Workshop
    14:30-15:15 Session
    Mental Health Strategies ​for Surviving as an Entrepreneur for Future​
    15:45-16:30 Session
    Achieving Your Dreams Through Entrepreneurship
    16:45-18:00 Workshop
    FOS Workshop
  • Contents
    11:00-11:45 Session
    Creating a Startup from a Non-CEO Position ~ A Career as a Globally Active CxO ~
    12:00-13:00 Workshop
    ITAMAE Workshop
    13:45-16:30 Student Pitch Contest
    Shusseuo Pitch
    17:00-17:30 Session
    Challenge Globally from "Day 0"


We provide opportunities to listen to experts and entrepreneurs from various fields, offering a comprehensive overview of the startup ecosystem.

5/15(Wed) 12:00-12:45

Begin Your Path to Entrepreneurship Here!!
~ Exploring the Gateway to a Career in Startups~

You may have heard of the term "startup," but have you ever considered it as a career option for you?
In this session, we will invite entrepreneurs who have been active in various careers to discuss the careers of startups. For students, this session aims to familiarize them with entrepreneurship and startups and create an opportunity for them to consider it as one of their career options.

5/15(Wed) 14:30-15:15

Mental Health Strategies
for Surviving as an Entrepreneur for Future

Although entrepreneurship and startups have been becoming increasingly common for students, recently mental health issues have been an integral part of careers in startups, and also currently only dealt with on a short-term, personalized basis by each entrepreneur. This session aims to provide a prescription for future entrepreneurs, especially students, on the theme of "how to deal with mental health issues at startups".

5/16(Thu) 11:00-11:45

Creating a Startup from a Non-CEO Position
~ A Career as a Globally Active CxO ~

When people think of someone who is starting a startup, many often imagine a CEO.
However, startups are created by people in a variety of roles in reality. In this session, we will focus on CxOs, exploring what can be uniquely achieved from the CxO position and their role within the organization.

5/15(Wed) 15:45-16:30

Achieving Your Dreams Through Entrepreneurship

Starting a business can also be means to achieve what you want to do or to make your dreams come true. In this session, we will invite entrepreneurs who have started their businesses in pursuit of their dreams to discuss the various forms and approaches to entrepreneurship.

5/16(Thu) 17:00-17:30

Building Startup Globally from "Day 0"

In building a startup, one crucial point to consider is whether to focus on the domestic market or to also consider the global market. This session will facilitate a discussion based on insights from individuals who have embarked on entrepreneurship with a global expansion perspective.


We offer opportunities to self-understanding and to explore business ideas utilizing technology.

  • ITAMAE Workshop

    A self-analysis workshop using ITAMAE's original worksheet.

    • 5.15 (Wed)12:00~14:00
    • 5.16 (Thu)11:00~13:00
    • Day1 Moderator

      Kodai Teraguchi

      Evangelist at ONE CAREER Inc.

    • Day2 Moderator

      Yukiko Ishii

      Talent Agency Dept. Manager at for Startups, Inc. / Senior Human Capitalist

  • FOS Workshop

    A lecture-integrated workshop aimed at brainstorming solutions using cutting-edge technology for future urban challenges.

    • 5.15 (Wed)16:45~18:00
    • Moderator

      Yuhi Hasegawa

      President at Specified Non-Profit Organization FOS / Junior at University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering

    • Lecturer

      Tomohiro Amemiya

      Professor of Information Technology Center, The University of Tokyo

Pre-registration Request

All workshops have limited slots available, so please don't forget to pre-register using the link below!
※ Please note that this workshop is primarily intended for students.
※ If the capacity is reached, we will close the registration form.

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Exhibitors - Student Organization

We facilitate connections with student organizations and university organizations to help students consider their next actions.

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